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One account, 10+ currencies

Complete control with digital wallets

Fincra’s Multicurrency Virtual Account comes with a digital wallet created for global businesses. Your Multicurrency Wallet, where you can hold and manage multiple currencies, connects with Fincra’s cross-border solutions for seamless international payments. 

Improved cash flow and efficiency

With Fincra’s Multicurrency account, businesses save costs associated with operating several accounts and currency conversion, using the freed resources to finance other business operations and growth.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with Fincra’s Multicurrency account that allows businesses to accept and make payments in multiple currencies.

A single integration for one Multicurrency account

  • Online marketplaces and e-commerce platforms to receive payments in multiple currencies 
  • For fintechs and international money transfer services to handle transactions in multiple currencies 
  • Digital wallets or payment apps to allow users to hold funds in multiple currencies 
  • For businesses to make global payout.

Use Cases

Cross-border money transfers

International money transfer services and fintechs can leverage our Multicurrency Account API to allow users to hold and manage balances in the different currencies we provide. This API can enable these platforms to offer more competitive exchange rates to their end users and reduce the costs associated with currency conversion.

International trade

Import and export businesses can use Fincra’s Multicurrency Accounts to receive payments and keep balances in those currencies. These businesses can avoid currency exchange fees and reduce their exposure to currency exchange rate risk.


Fincra’s Multicurrency Account is perfect for e-commerce businesses to hold and manage balances in different currencies. This Multicurrency Account also aids expansion into new markets and helps attract global customers.

Professional services

A professional services company that provides consulting, legal, advertising, marketing or other services to international clients may use the Multicurrency Account to hold and manage balances in different currencies. This account can allow the company to invoice and receive payments from clients in multiple currencies efficiently.


The Multicurrency Account can be helpful for businesses that cater to individuals in Africa that receive remittances from family members living abroad. It can allow them to hold and manage balances in different currencies, which can be convenient for making purchases and paying bills.

Security and Compliance Focus

PCI DSS Level 1

Fincra is PCI DSS certified

PSSP Certified

Fincra is a licensed Payment Service Solution Provider

NDPR Certified

We abide strictly to the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation


Seamless Know Your Customer and AML checks

MSB Canada

Fincra is is a licensed Money Service Business in Canada

MFB Nigeria

Fincra was issued its Microfinance Bank license in Nigeria

ISO 27001 and 22301

We are ISO certified for 27001 and ISO 22301

EMI License

Agents of EMIs in UK & all of EU

The complete payment solution


For quick and seamless payment collection via cards, bank transfers etc., from individuals or businesses in the UK, EU, US, Nigeria and other African countries.


Easy payouts to beneficiaries across 100+ countries through any of the available payout methods.


Our Utilities API offers merchants a simple, fast and easy way to process bill payments such as airtime & data, electricity/energy payments and cable TV subscription.