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KYC made easy with Fincra’s Identity Management APIs

Fincra’s Identity Management APIs offer simple solutions to ensure compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Our Identity Management services allow you to quickly and accurately validate customers’ Bank Verification Numbers (BVNs) and verify their identities, ensuring compliance with government regulations via APIs.

Scale with Fincra's APIs

Fincra’s Identity Management APIs simplify and quicken the KYC process for fintechs, helping them to validate users quickly and scale. Integrate today and make your KYC process easier and more efficient.

Eliminate payment errors

Fincra’s Identity Management services offer Account Verification API for merchants to verify the authenticity of a customer’s account number before making a payment, ensuring that the payment is routed to the correct beneficiary. This API eliminates the risk of payment errors and fraud, providing a secure and seamless experience for both merchants and customers.

Optimise your payout process

Use our Account Verification API to streamline the payout process. Make payouts more efficient and cost-effective with this API, which quickly verifies the authenticity of beneficiary accounts, ensuring that payments are made to the correct beneficiary.

Power secure card transactions

One of Fincra’s Management Identity services is the Resolve BIN API which provides a way to validate debit and credit card information before a transaction is initiated. This API specifically helps to identify and verify the Bank Identification Number (BIN) of a card, which is the first six digits of the card number. This API can help to prevent fraud and ensure that transactions are secure.

BVN Resolution API

Fincra’s Bank Verification Number (BVN) Resolution API allows merchants to validate the BVN of customers in Nigeria and verify their identity. This API is useful for performing proper KYC checks, which can help to prevent fraud and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. By validating the BVN, merchants can ensure that the person making the transaction is who they claim to be and that their BVN is associated with the bank account they are trying to use.

Seamless integration with Fincra's exceptional support

Fincra’s API allows for easy integration with your existing system. Fincra has an excellent, dedicated support team well-versed in API integration and ready to assist if you encounter any technical difficulties or have any questions.

Unlock the power of our APIs with comprehensive documentation

We’ve made it our mission to connect Africa’s payment infrastructure with robust, reliable, easy-to-integrate APIs.

Security and Compliance Focus

Fincra operates with the highest level of security and compliance required of a payments infrastructure.

PCI DSS Level 1

Fincra is PCI DSS certified

PSSP Certified

Fincra is a licensed Payment Service Solution Provider

NDPR Certified

We abide strictly to the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation


Seamless Know Your Customer and AML checks

MSB Canada

Fincra is is a licensed Money Service Business in Canada

MFB Nigeria

Fincra was issued its Microfinance Bank license in Nigeria

ISO 27001 and 22301

We are ISO certified for 27001 and ISO 22301

EMI License

Agents of EMIs in UK & all of EU

The complete payment solution

Fincra helps businesses across Africa with solutions-via merchant dashboard, APIs and white labelling- to send and receive money locally, internationally, online and offline. 


For quick and seamless payment collection via cards, bank transfers etc., from individuals or businesses in the UK, EU, US, Nigeria and other African countries.


Easy payouts to beneficiaries across 100+ countries through any of the available payout methods.

Agency Banking

APIs, SDKs and a White-labelled platform for businesses and financial institutions to launch their branchless strategy.

Pos Terminals

Point of sales (POS) terminals for seamless and fast in-person payments.


Our Utilities API offers merchants a simple, fast and easy way to process bill payments such as airtime & data, electricity/energy payments and cable TV subscription.