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We’re seeking vibrant, brilliant talents to join the Fincra tribe

We are a team of highly effective collaborators who can always get a tremendous amount of work done. We seek vibrant and brilliant talents dedicated to our people’s success within and outside work to join our tribe. 

Build your Career at Fincra

We currently have no open positions

Along with competitive salaries, Fincra offers a generous package of benefits and resources to help you excel and enjoy a better work-life balance.

Health Insurance

We provide comprehensive health insurance to cover your medical needs. 

Life Insurance

All team members get comprehensive life insurance.

Paid Annual Leave

All team members get 20 days of paid annual leave.

Professional Development

We invest in our people to ensure they can achieve their short, medium, and long-term professional goals

Remote Working Tools

We provide the necessary tools required for our people to work remotely, with ease, at discounted rates. 

Employee Pension

We provide all team members with an employee pension plan.

Shoot your Shot!