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Deliver tailor-made solutions for your customers

We offer a full suite of our products via APIs for platforms to build, scale and automate end-to-end payment processes specifically tailored to their customers.

Build with Fincra

Our APIs have been organised into different areas of payment functionalities to allow developers and platforms to quickly navigate to the features that are right for your product.

Virtual Account APIs

To create and issue virtual accounts in EUR, GBP & NGN for receiving payments.

Pay-Out (Transfer) API

To make cross-currency and single-currency Pay-Outs.

Quote generation API

To get real-time Pay-Out rates for all supported currencies.

Conversion API

To make currency conversions in supported currencies.

Transactions API

To manage all customer transactions.

Balance APIs

To manage wallet balances.


To manage frequent recipients.

Identity Verification API

This allows you to quickly validate and verify your customers' identities.

The complete suite of payment product

You do not need to integrate multiple payment partners. Fincra’s rich APIs improve your collection process and customer payment experience. Automate your Pay-Out at scale, letting you pay like a local or process mass cross-border payments.

No development cost

You don’t have to worry about building your application from scratch; we’ve designed our APIs to fit into your existing product, giving you complete control.

Launch with help from Fincra

We have expert developers to help you through your integration process. We also have world-class developers on standby with our Developer Partner Program to help you with all your integration needs across all the APIs we offer.

Wallet as a Service

Provide the best digital banking experience with digital wallets, giving customers better access to their money and making it easy for them to manage their finances. Easily create wallet systems suitable for all business sectors and allow acceptance, storage and effortless transfer of funds. Use the wallet system for bill payment solutions, payment functionality, merchant payment services, budgeting and planning, loans and contactless payments etc

Allow your customers to make payments online

Integrate our Pay-In API into your platform for a seamless payment experience. Our API powers fintechs and financial institutions to make collections through cards, bank transfers, or Pay with PayAttitude; create and issue virtual accounts in EUR, GBP & NGN to seamlessly receive one-time and recurring payments.

Build with Fincra

Build with Fincra

Build with Fincra

Build with Fincra

Build with Fincra

Make your platform standout

Make your platform standout

Make your platform standout

Make your platform standout

Make your platform standout

Security and Compliance Focus

Fincra operates with the highest level of security and compliance required of a payments infrastructure.

PCI DSS Level 1

Fincra is PCI DSS certified

PSSP Certified

Fincra is a licensed Payment Service Solution Provider

NDPR Certified

We abide strictly to the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation


Seamless Know Your Customer and AML checks

MSB Canada

Fincra is is a licensed Money Service Business in Canada

MFB Nigeria

Fincra was issued its Microfinance Bank license in Nigeria

ISO 27001 and 22301

We are ISO certified for 27001 and ISO 22301

EMI License

Agents of EMIs in UK & all of EU

The complete payment solution

Fincra helps businesses across Africa with solutions-via merchant dashboard, APIs and white labelling- to send and receive money locally, internationally, online and offline. 


For quick and seamless payment collection via cards, bank transfers etc., from individuals or businesses in the UK, EU, US, Nigeria and other African countries.


Easy payouts to beneficiaries across 100+ countries through any of the available payout methods.

Agency Banking

APIs, SDKs and a White-labelled platform for businesses and financial institutions to launch their branchless strategy.

Pos Terminals

Point of sales (POS) terminals for seamless and fast in-person payments.


Our Utilities API offers merchants a simple, fast and easy way to process bill payments such as airtime & data, electricity/energy payments and cable TV subscription.