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The payment platform for fast-moving goods

Accept payment via bank transfers to Fincra-issued Virtual Accounts and create payment links to fulfil orders from other businesses and customers. Fulfil payout obligations to multiple and single beneficiaries.

Payment gateway across the supply chain

Allow your key distributors and retailers to pay you with bank transfers quickly. Use Fincra Virtual Accounts to collect payments for quick reconciliation. We make the supply chain productive for key distributors, vendors and retailers who can collect online payment with Payment Link, Virtual Accounts and Checkout. Offline solutions are also available with Fincra POS devices to collect payments at your warehouses and retail stores.

Easy payout to suppliers and partners

Meet suppliers’ needs with automated local and cross-border payouts to bank accounts, mobile money wallets and cash pickup with 40+ currencies in over 150 countries worldwide.

Quick transfer of money

With Fincra, moving value is as easy as sending a test message. Reduce costs by eliminating manual processes and taking advantage of our extensive payment network for SWIFT, SEPA, FAST, NIP, and Mobile Money payouts with low and transparent transaction fees.

No trapped cash

Fincra has a suite of treasury solutions to repatriate funds and provide foreign currency to buy raw materials.