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An easier way to make local and international transfers (Pay-Outs)

Make transfers to business partners, customers and suppliers in 150+ countries across Africa, Europe, South Asia, South America, at the best rates

Send money quick and easy via our API or portal

With Fincra, you can automate your payout processes and send fast payments without hidden fees.

Cross Currency Payouts

Transfer funds from one currency to another currency using Fincra


Same Currency Payouts

Movement of funds within the same currency


An easier way to make transfers

Make automated payouts in 40+ currencies across 150+ countries in Africa, South Asia, South America & the rest of the world through bank accounts, mobile money wallets and cash pick-ups (Coming soon)

Make transfers in bulk

Send payments in bulk to your employees, suppliers, or manufacturers, either internationally or locally.

Remittance made easy

Take advantage of our extensive payment network for SWIFT, SEPA, SEPA Instant, CHAPS, FAST, NIP transfers with low and transparent transaction fees.

Pay-Out Methods

 Fincra offers Payouts through these methods
  • Bank Accounts Transfer
  • Mobile Money Transfer
  • Fincra Account to Account transfer
  • Cash pick-ups (Coming soon)

Simplify your payouts

By utilizing a single integration, you can automate your transfers to individuals or businesses and reduce the chances of human error. We will handle all the complexities.

Pay-Out Supporting Features

Disbursement and payroll management

Fincra Pay-Out API allows the bulk capability for pay-out to different countries and currencies across Africa. Allow payroll companies to facilitate payments across Africa and make cross-currency and single-currency Pay-Outs.

Delight partners with settlement

Fincra provides the infrastructure for Pay-Out needs for all types of businesses. From bookmakers making payments to winners to logistics and mobility businesses making payments to drivers and agents etc. Businesses can make single and bulk Pay-Outs to partners with our Pay-Out API that allow payment via Merchant Dashboard.

Manage currencies and facilitate cash repatriation

Leverage our treasury solution to settle and move funds outside the country to meet obligations from partners in other available currencies.

Our payout network is available across 150+ countries. Without any hidden fees you can:

Make single and cross currency payouts in different supported currencies via API or dashboard.

Prefund your wallet in currencies such as EUR, GBP, USD, GHS, KES, NGN, ZAR for remittances and local transfers.

Integrate Fincra payout API to pay salaries, businesses, individuals, traders, and customers on your platform in real time.

Be assured that your data and funds are safe. Our world-class security and encryption ensure that every data is safe from fraud.

Ensure funds arrive in beneficiary accounts swiftly

Be assured of complete transactions with no delay.

How It Works


Fund your account in minutes

Add funds from your bank to your Virtual account.

Select the type of payout

One-time Pay-Out, Pay-Out to a beneficiary, Pay-Out to a Fincra balance or Pay-Out to self

Set up Pay-Out details

Currency you're sending to the beneficiary, currency you want the beneficiary to receive the Pay-Out in, and the beneficiary's details

Send Pay-Out via API or dashboard

Beneficiary receive funds without delay


Fincra’s Pay-Out product ensures you can seamlessly make transfers into any of our supported currencies.


Starts at

₦5 capped at ₦50

dependent on the Pay-Out channel

Security and Compliance Focus

Fincra operates with the highest level of security and compliance required of a payments infrastructure.

PCI DSS Level 1

Fincra is PCI DSS certified

PSSP Certified

Fincra is a licensed Payment Service Solution Provider

NDPR Certified

We abide strictly to the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation


Seamless Know Your Customer and AML checks

MSB Canada

Fincra is is a licensed Money Service Business in Canada

MFB Nigeria

Fincra was issued its Microfinance Bank license in Nigeria

ISO 27001 and 22301

We are ISO certified for 27001 and ISO 22301

EMI License

Agents of EMIs in UK & all of EU

The complete payment solution

Fincra helps businesses across Africa with solutions-via merchant dashboard, APIs and white labelling- to send and receive money locally, internationally, online and offline. 


For quick and seamless payment collection via cards, bank transfers etc., from individuals or businesses in the UK, EU, US, Nigeria and other African countries.


Easy payouts to beneficiaries across 100+ countries through any of the available payout methods.

Agency Banking

APIs, SDKs and a White-labelled platform for businesses and financial institutions to launch their branchless strategy.

Pos Terminals

Point of sales (POS) terminals for seamless and fast in-person payments.


Our Utilities API offers merchants a simple, fast and easy way to process bill payments such as airtime & data, electricity/energy payments and cable TV subscription.