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Convenient one-stop bill payments with our innovative API

Enable users to pay and process bill payments such as airtime, data, electricity, and cable TV through a single integration.

Simplify your customers' lives

Say goodbye to the multiple login credentials and bill payment portals. Fincra’s Utility API consolidates several service providers into a single dashboard to make bill payments easy for your customers.

Store and manage funds in one location

Integrate Fincra’s Utility API and get a wallet feature that allows you to store and manage funds in one location. This wallet will enable you to add funds, make and track payments in one place.

Take control of pricing

Our Utilities API is connected directly to various service providers i.e., telcos and energy distribution companies, giving you control over the prices you can offer to customers.

Increase customer loyalty with added features

Fincra’s Utility API also allows you to offer money transfer services to your customers. Customers can make local transfers to friends and family, pay bills and make purchases.

Punters delight

Our Utility API has a game-changing feature that allows your customers to place wagers on their favourite bookmakers.

Enhance your POS Terminal

Add bill payment functionality to your POS applications and offer more services to customers. Adding bill payments can allow agency banking networks to offer additional services,  increase revenue and drive customer loyalty.

Seamless integration with Fincra's exceptional support

Fincra’s API allows for easy integration with your existing system. Fincra has an excellent, dedicated support team well-versed in API integration and ready to assist if you encounter any technical difficulties or have any questions.

The complete payment solution

Fincra helps businesses across Africa with solutions-via merchant dashboard, APIs and white labelling- to send and receive money locally, internationally, online and offline. 


For quick and seamless payment collection via cards, bank transfers etc., from individuals or businesses in the UK, EU, US, Nigeria and other African countries.


Easy payouts to beneficiaries across 100+ countries through any of the available payout methods.

Agency Banking

APIs, SDKs and a White-labelled platform for businesses and financial institutions to launch their branchless strategy.

Pos Terminals

Point of sales (POS) terminals for seamless and fast in-person payments.


Our Utilities API offers merchants a simple, fast and easy way to process bill payments such as airtime & data, electricity/energy payments and cable TV subscription.