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Payment solutions for every business

Fincra helps businesses to collect and make payments, online and offline, locally and globally.


Easy payments for all businesses

An easier way to make transfers

Agency Banking as a Service

  • Card withdrawals
  • Deposits
  • Transfers
  • Utility payments
  • Instant settlement
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Designed for Developers

We’ve done the heavy lifting of connecting different banks, wallets, currencies, currency conversion services & payment methods, so you can connect your financial world with one API.

Our APIs give you access to all the resources you need to carry out seamless payment activities from your app, including creating and maintaining virtual accounts in available currencies, making payouts to different beneficiaries, and receiving payments across several channels and methods.

Featured APIs

Core Payment APIs

APIs to enable Pay-In and Pay-Outs locally and internationally

Terminal APIs

APIs and SDKs for powering point-of-sale solutions for in-person payments

Utility APIs

APIs for Airtime and Data, Bills and other Utility Payments

Conversions API

Converting one currency to another is quick, easy, and seamless using Fincra.

Why Fincra?

Fincra provides payment solutions to accept payments securely, make payouts globally and scale your business across borders.

Responsive Support

Fincra offers its merchants dedicated account managers ranging from technical to relationship managers

Easy Integration

One API for offline and online payments processing across 150+ countries

Licensed and Certified

Fincra is certified by the highest compliance standards across its operational countries and regions

Monitor Your Business

In-depth dashboards and analytics give visibility over every aspect of the payment experience

Continuous Improvement

We’ve done 100 integrations and counting, while we ship over 100 features & improvements yearly

Scalable and Reliable

Fincra's systems operate with 99.95% uptime and guarantee scalability as your business grows

Payment infrastructure for global scale

Millions of API Requests Monthly

Our infrastructure handles millions of API requests monthly

50+ Currencies

Fincra supports transactions in USD, EUR, GBP, KES, NGN, GHS and many more

99.95% Uptime

Service uptime since January 2022 with month on month consistency

40+ Countries

Get paid like a local with local payment channels in more than 40 countries